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Customer Loyalty Program meets Shopify

Set up customer loyalty program on your Shopify stores in less than 5 minutes and reward your repeat customers with cashback and discounts. Keep bringing them back for more.

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Fealty supercharges your Shopify store

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Multiple loyalty levels

Create multiple levels with different spend requirements and rewards.

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Multiple reward types

Reward customers with either cash back or discount.

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Time based levels

Customers join or leave level based on spend in last x months.

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Auto applied rewards

Rewards get auto applied on checkout ensuring seamless experience.

Fealty is the ultimate loyalty program solution

Customise your loyalty program the way you think best.

Choose how many levels you want to create, how much a customer needs to spend, in what duration, to become part of that level. Decide how much reward do you want to give, either as cash back or discounts.

Change your mind? Change the settings, and they are applied immediately.

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customize image

Customers see their level and rewards when they visit your store.

Fealty displays the customers’ level and their reward when they visit your store, thereby motivating them to buy. Customers also get to see the next level they can get to and the higher rewards they would earn when they get there.

Keep bringing back your customers for more.

Get clear visibility into the ROI using our intuitive reports.

Our intuitive reports show you all that you would need to know about how your loyalty program is performing. You get statistics on customers who benefitted from the program, the number of orders where rewards were used, the total value of the orders, and how little you paid in success fee for all of it.

Calculating ROI has never been simpler.

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Pricing plans for each stage of your journey


$0 per month
2.9% success fee

No subscription fee. Get access to all the features. The right choice when starting your business.


$49 per month
0.6% success fee

Get lower success fee for a small subscription fee. Ideal for growing businesses.


$199 per month
0.3% success fee

Pay the lowest success fee. Ideal for big businesses with high order volume or average order value.

14 day free trial with all plans. Success fee for trial period is charged if you continue to use the app.

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